Why Family Offices Need To Prioritize Cyber-Security

Considering that almost 50% of Ultra High Net Worth family wealth is being managed through Family Offices, it is critical that adequate measures are put in place to defend these firms from the growing threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.


'Democracy' in the banking sector

Cloud has been, in her words, "a breath of fresh air" for financial institutions trying to reinvent themselves in the wake of the global financial crisis, as they grapple with a fall in money-making transaction fees.


Wells Fargo May Sell Off This Key Business Area

The retirement plan services unit offers custody, record-keeping, trust and other services to corporations, according to the news service. A Wells Fargo representative declined comment to Bloomberg.


The Future of Fund Management? It’s Vinyl

When the compact disc was introduced, it commoditized the quality of recordings — but vinyl still lived on to everyone’s surprise, and it lived on in a very boutique kind of way.