2016 Survey of U.S. Marketplace Lending

The survey of more than 300 institutional investors also reveals that optimism about marketplace lending continues to grow, running counter to the widespread predictions by other observers of an industry contraction.


Time to be bullish by Tim Price

“We don’t see a recession coming in the United States.” - Abby Joseph Cohen in a recent Bloomberg interview.


Private Banking: An Untapped Money Machine

Moreover, wealth management delivered through the private banking division of banks is also very viable for middle-market commercial clients, as well as an array of other types of banking clients.


Stamp out the hedge-fund tax loophole

A bill that one of us, Sen. Klein, has just introduced to close the carried-interest tax loophole in New York falls into the latter category.


Emerging markets: time to buy? - Schroders

The improvement in risk appetite comes at a time when aggregate emerging market valuations look attractive and investors have been waiting for an opportunity to re-enter the asset class.