Family offices: cultivating lasting legacies

First, they can invest it in the families’ operating businesses, with a bit of private equity thrown in; or second, add it to a pool of broadly based liquid marketable securities.


The most dangerous word in investment by Tim Price

“China’s surplus capacity in steelmaking, for example, is bigger than the entire steel production of Japan, America and Germany combined.” - The Economist magazine, February 27th, 2016.


Self-Made Millionaire + Hubris = Disaster

It is also important to note that the overwhelming majority of self-made millionaires create their personal fortunes because of successful business enterprises.


As Many As 20% Of Advisors At Some Firms Crooks

One thing advisors should not be doing, if they want to stay out of these databases, or at least out of the sights of lawyers like Jake Zamansky who sue them for a living, is sell clients like Solera bonds paying 11%.