What’s in Store for the Second Half of 2012 - BlackRock

In 2012’s second half, investors will face “a rocky road” compared with the year’s first few months, with the potential “fiscal cliff” in the U.S. as well as Europe’s ongoing turmoil both posing risk to a still we


Harvard-based company touts 'tax alpha' as wealth advisors

Today, Alexander Wealth Advisor employs eight people including those with expertise in tax preparation, certified public accounting and certified financial planning Read more: http://www.nashobapublishing.com/community_news/ci_20864574/harvard-based-comp


The Institutional Lite Fallacy by Phil Banas

While there is some truth in the assertion that the top end of the wealth continuum is increasingly looking for institutional-style performance analytics, it is a fallacy to see the needs of wealth managers as some kind of “institutional lite”


Did Hedge Funds Steal The Facebook IPO Pop?

That’s created a huge opportunity for hedge funds and private-equity firms to step in and supply the capital companies need to grow from the venture-capital stage to public company.


Jamie Dimon’s Ahab meets his Moby Dick

JPMorgan’s Ahab has met his Moby Dick. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon has toiled at length to build a bank strong enough to withstand the greatest of storms.


Storm Warning

In the midst of one of the more unusual droughts, it may seem odd to be giving a storm warning