Small business owners focused on job creation - RESEARCH

A recent survey by U.S. Trust (Bank of America Private Wealth Management) is being highlighted by The Lending Circle concerning job creation in America that is largely driven by small business. The survey shows that the majority of business owners feel it


Too quiet on the western front by Tim Price

Your endorsement of Mr Obama and his policies for a second term reminded me of Samuel Johnson’s aphorism, that getting married a second time represents the triumph of hope over experience.


Black Sales - Red Budgets

Happy Black Friday. So is the US consumer rising in confidence? All will be revealed once the first figures are out following Black Friday.


It's still mostly a man's world on Wall Street

JP Morgan's decision to promote Marianne Lake to one of its top roles doesn't mean that hordes of high-flying women are about to shatter the so-called 'glass ceiling' anytime soon


West End Front - Thomas Becket, Psigma

I guess it's almost that time of the year; 'out with the old and in with the new'. Maybe 'out with the old and in with the booze' might be more appropriate as we approach 'trifle season'.


Time for QE4? - Ashburton

Ashburton’s macro analyst, Derry Pickford comments on the Fed’s moves to stimulate the US’ economy and the prospect of QE4


Overcast skies - Coutts

Last week was a sea of challenging news. We believe the markets have over-discounted some of the more pessimistic headlines.


2012 Greenwich Leaders: U.S. Large Corporate Banking

“Despite the turmoil in the banking industry since the onset of the financial crisis, large companies in the United States continue to have a wide range of options when it comes to securing very high quality corporate banking service.”