Do you really know bitcoin ? Here are 11 myths

Nick Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx, was one of the early Wall Street analysts to take a serious look at bitcoin back in February. To wrap up 2013, he examined what he sees as 11 myths surrounding the subject.


Bernanke bows out shunning Cold Turkey

Equity markets have experienced relief rallies on news of the Fed decision to wind down the asset buying programme by an initial $10bn dropping from $85bn per months to $75bn


EFG’s 2014 Outlook: Opportunities & Traps

Year-ahead assessments of where the world economy and financial markets are heading customarily start with the US. In 2014 the path of the US economy and policy appears, for once, fairly settled.


Is wealth management a good fit?

It’s an attractive option, but to make it work, you need all the right pieces, including scale, people, and patience