Tyranny and Taxation

Financial imperialism has been far more efficient than the military variety allowing developed countries to source cheap commodities for decades.


An Alternative way to Privatise?

I don't think I made a friend this week when I had a little disagreement on air with the author of the report from Policy Exchange, which is described as a "right of centre think tank".


Witch Hunt of the Wealthy

Before we embark on another round of the blame game, we should take stock and question the logic of a witch-hunt on the wealthy. It is usually the Witch Finders who have most to hide and stir up the wrath of the mob to disguise their own failings.


Wall Street Research Has A New Problem

You probably know the story — in the '90s Wall Street got carried away (to say the least) with the tech boom and the Chinese wall between its analysts' research and investment banking was crossed.


The warning from minor tremors

The past few weeks have seen markets react to apparently even the slightest hint that their current stimulant of choice might just start to be restricted in its supply in the USA.


Rolling back the contagion clock

The current degree of EM sensitivity to US financial stress is aligned with other post-crisis stress episodes. While changing perceptions of Fed policy and soft