Swimming against the tide

Katinka expresses her delight at this development, saying “we have been fighting for this kind of change for some years and now we are in the middle of a revolution in our sport”.


The long road to investing in quality

High growth stocks, bound by large amounts of leverage have enjoyed the heady heights of one-directional travel for almost a decade. But things are starting to change.


Bears everywhere in market outlook, reveals BofAML

The average cash balance has soared to 5.6 percent from 4.6 percent for each of the last three months, marking the biggest jump in cash since the debt-ceiling crisis in 2011 with the allocation to cash jumping to 43 percent overweight.


Why CEOs need coaching

I am focused almost completely on the idea that leadership – starting at the top – really matters.


Global Wealth 2019: Reigniting Radical Growth

This year’s report also draws on data from more than 150 wealth managers, whose input yielded insights about the performance pressures that many firms are facing and about strategic areas for improvement.


Biggest changes in digital banking are just ahead

Given the mass adoption of digital banking, it might be easy to think that financial services has already gone through its “sudden change” phase, but the change we’ve seen in banking so far likely falls more into the “gradual&r