America's Richest Hedge Fund Managers

The hedge fund industry is going through tough times. The average hedge fund manager has been unable to beat the market for the last 20 months.


Bernanke sets out his stall

Schroders’ Chief Economist, Keith Wade, comments on yesterday’s decision by the Federal Reserve to launch a third round of Quantitative Easing


Business ethics: split the myth from the hard reality

Al Gini, a professor of business ethics at the School of Business Administration at Loyola University in Chicago, has a different perspective. He argues that business is not inherently bad, it just happens to offer many temptations – to counter this


Fed chief encourages more ‘prudent’ risk taking - Coutts

US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s speech at the central bankers’ conference in Jackson Hole focused on the successes of non-traditional monetary policy measures over the past four years in response to the 2008 global financial crisis,


When Dream Schools Become a Nightmare

The teenager received need-based aid of roughly $30,000 from each of these schools, but that would leave the parents far short of what they could afford.


Does the Standard Chartered settlement promote financial crime?

The Asia-focused bank agreed to a fine of $340m and to allow monitors and examiners of his choice reporting to the New York State department of financial services to be installed in its New York branch to ensure it is abiding by anti-money laundering legi