Did Hedge Funds Steal The Facebook IPO Pop?

That’s created a huge opportunity for hedge funds and private-equity firms to step in and supply the capital companies need to grow from the venture-capital stage to public company.


Jamie Dimon’s Ahab meets his Moby Dick

JPMorgan’s Ahab has met his Moby Dick. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon has toiled at length to build a bank strong enough to withstand the greatest of storms.


Storm Warning

In the midst of one of the more unusual droughts, it may seem odd to be giving a storm warning


The Most Powerful Company You've Never Heard of: Meet CME Group

Think of powerful, multi-billion dollar corporations, and many come readily to mind. Wal-Mart. General Electric. Exxon Mobil. Bank of America. McDonald's. Apple. We recognize their logos, know what they sell and how to buy it -- or how to not buy it


All Women Need to Do is Push Back

FINS caught up with Rezvani, 34, to chat about why negotiation isn't as frightening as it seems and what can be done to nudge women in the right direction.


Does your fund manager really protect your interest?

American shareholders have a say on the pay of corporate executives and across the West, institutional shareholders take an active interest in the way managements run companies. Still, the Citi revolt took every Wall Street watcher by surprise.


Let's Stop Redistributing Wealth and Enact Sound Fiscal Policy

The problems with the American economy are deep and complex. They are rooted in decades and decades of kicking the can down the road and using band-aids to mask the real consequences of certain policies, rather than enduring the pain of viable solutions.