Survey: Most singles would choose love over money

Men make more risky investments, have more regret: 28.4% men vs. only 15.3% of women said they had made a risky investment with their money; in turn 80.4% of men said they also had made a recent financial decision they regretted vs. only 74.2% of women.


Software without the technology headaches

The industry is buzzing with new technology; and with new technology comes new buzzwords and phrases! “Cloud Computing”, “Software on Demand”, “Software as a Service”.


Feeding the Dragon by Justin Urquhart Stewart

The Year of the Water Dragon, whilst normally providing good joss for those followers of Chinese astrology, is also proving to be a challenging one on various fronts.


The Science and Art of Investing Can Harm Your Returns

The complex details are exhaustively set forth in the report. No one could quarrel with the stated goal, which is “to add alpha, or risk-adjusted excess returns, of greater than 2 percent annually to readily available indexes over a market cycle.&am


How the top bankers earn their fat salaries

Gary Dugan, chief investment officer for private banking at Emirates NBD, is primarily responsible for the investment products and portfolios of the bank's high-net-worth clients.


Muppets 1 Gollums 0 By Tim Price

You are about to experience the most unbelievable week in America ever, and we have to prepare for the absolutely worst case,Dimon told his staff..


BMO Harris Private Banking Market Report

BMO Harris Private Banking today released its latest market commentary report, Equities Advance as Fears Ease. The report notes an improvement in the outlook for the eurozone and a continued advance in global equity markets.


Bankers Behaving Badly Are No Black Swans

It’s hard to feel too sympathetic for wealthy financiers caught behaving badly. But considering the stress of the job, and simple statistics, it shouldn’t be too shocking to hear of Wall Streeters stabbing a cabbie or defecating in public. Mor


Learning a lesson from the Americans

Following my comments about the missing financial infrastructure in the UK, I was recently comparing the US banking and financial structures with our own.



I have to say that I am sick to death of all the doom-mongers and depressants that seem to be continuously preaching to us at the moment.