SS&C: Hedge Funds Return +0.97% In July

The SS&C GlobeOp Capital Movement Index represents the monthly net of hedge fund subscriptions and redemptions administered by SS&C GlobeOp on the SS&C GlobeOp platform.


Speaking truth to power by Tim Price

Informed and disciplined capital allocation – whether of unitholders’ funds, or of disparate corporate revenues – is the bedrock of our portfolios and moreover the heart of the modern free enterprise economy.


Meet the Richest Man in Brazil

Even aside from his estimated $27.5 billion net worth as a result of those decisions, Lemann has lived a rich, full, and highly unusual life.


The Global CIO Office Weekly by Gary Dugan

Consensus forecasts are that global growth will be around 3% through the balance of the year - sufficient to provide upside risk to inflation or at least the threat of it.


Advisory Firms With a Niche Are Far More Profitable

After a challenging 2016, advisory firms seem to have experienced a healthy comeback in 2017 across the majority of growth indicators, with nearly three quarters of firms reporting significant growth.