Group says U.S. helping international tax evaders

Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca is one of the world’s biggest creators of shell companies, but the United States is becoming one of the biggest tax havens in the world for people looking to evade taxes or hide money.


Swiss Bank/U.S. Near Tax Settlement.

The U.S. has been aggressively tracking down Swiss accounts since 2008, hoping thereby to severely reduce this method of tax evasion.


Investors Sweet on Tax Havens

These funds took in $301 billion in net new money last year, bringing their total assets to $4.8 trillion, a 6.5 percent growth rate over 2014.


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

The Canada Revenue Agency quietly turned 155,000 banking records over to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service during last fall’s election, without waiting for an assessment from Canada’s Privacy Commissioner or the outcome of a court challenge to