Big bonuses seen leading to current Wall Street scandals

Hodgson told CNBC his research shows the incentive structure on Wall Street, in which bonuses are paid based on short-term profits, was one of the prime factors that caused the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.


New Issue of Philanthropy Management

Government taxation of charities tends to reduce the philanthropic sector's ability to address social needs that are often not covered by government, according to Richard Schwartz, Philanthropy Management's editor. "This calls into question


SWFs go shopping for managers

The asset management arms of banks, many of which are keen to sell, are likely to head the list of acquisition targets.


NFP Announces Acquisition of Fusion Advisor Network

National Financial Partners Corp. NFP +0.36% , a leading provider of benefits, insurance and wealth management services, today announced that it has acquired Fusion Advisor Network ("Fusion"), a leading provider of practice management and busin


Wealthy families may have more money than most but.....

While an overwhelming majority of those polled said their spouse/partner is comfortable with how financial decisions are made, 1 in 5 said that they feel their spouse/partner is stressed by their lead or participation in the process, with several notable