Wealth, Presidents, and Being "Out of Touch"

Throughout the decades, Americans have elected very wealthy men to the White House without any fanfare. Yet with record rates of unemployment that many are experiencing over a period of years, the issue of class in the U.S. has gained a new significance.


Hedge fund managers rush to set up new firms

Managers including ex-Gartmore employee Guillaume Rambourg, former Barclays Capital commodities trader Todd Edgar and Sutesh Sharma, a senior proprietary trader at Citi are amongst those trying to raise capital for new businesses.


More cuts at Bank of America — including wealth management

Moynihan, 52, is relying on cuts after mortgage losses and U.S. regulation drained revenue last year. In the first part of his plan, dubbed Project New BAC, the CEO announced 30,000 job cuts from consumer banking, credit-card, home loan and support operat


Citadel's main hedge funds clear high-water mark

Hedge funds typically promise investors that they will return to their highest levels after a fall before they can resume charging performance fees, which typically amount to about 20 percent of all gains.


Major wealth group’s profits plummet 37pc

The Global Wealth Management Group reported $244 million in pre-tax income for the fourth quarter, down 37% from the $390 million the firm earned in the fourth quarter of 2010. At the same time, its pre-tax income of $1.3 billion for all of 2011 represent