Goldman Rethinks Business Model

Goldman Sachs has been forced to rethink its business model, as it has come under fire from regulators of late.


New U.S. tactic for suspected Swiss bank tax cheats

U.S. authorities hunting in Swiss banks for suspected tax cheats have a new weapon in their arsenal: an arcane but aggressive legal maneuver more commonly used against drug smugglers, money launderers and Imelda Marcos, widow of the Philippine dictator.


When to Go Above The Boss's Head

His story is exemplary of the whistleblower-like firings and resignations that have graced headlines since the days of Enron.


SEC Ups Its Game to Identify Rogue Firms

It is the Securities and Exchange Commission's new "most-wanted" list: a chart covered with handwritten notes, yellow highlighter and the names of about 100 hedge funds.


Family offices seek shield from SEC disclosure

There are about 3,000 single-family offices in North America managing $1.2 trillion, according to estimates from Family Wealth Alliance LLC, a research and consulting firm in Wheaton, Illinois, which studies the industry.


Regulatory changes for hedge funds set to continue in 2012

Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the private adviser exemptions in the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 will be replaced with 'venture capital fund adviser', 'foreign adviser' and 'private fund adviser' exemptions, says law firm Kaye


Dutch fund sues major US bank over securities

The mortgage loans backing the securities were worth much less than had been represented and were taken out by borrowers "who were much less creditworthy than had been represented," the lawsuit said.


Top Manhattan art gallery accused of selling fake article

Pierre Lagrange, a co-founder of GLG Partners Inc., said in a complaint filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court that he paid $17 million for a painting called "Untitled 1950" from Knoedler in November 2007 that the gallery said was by Pollock


Utah man wants to pay taxes with silver

Some businesses have accepted silver from Bowen, he said, and he has made charitable donations with the coins, but he wants the state to follow its own law.


Top bank sues US claiming excess taxes

Wells Fargo, based in San Francisco, says the overpayments involve the interest rates on taxes paid and stem from acquisitions by the bank from 1996 through 2008.