Wells Fargo Doubles Down on Mutual Funds as Rivals Wither

The firm will add foreign stock and bond strategies to its U.S.-based mutual-fund unit, open six more Luxembourg-based funds for offshore clients and wrest business from competitors, Niedermeyer said in an interview.


Hedge funds help not hinder bankruptcy proceedings: Study

Indeed, based on a recent study conducted by the University of British Columbia, Queen’s University and Columbia University south of the border, hedge funds that invest in distressed U.S. companies actually have a positive influence on bankruptcy pr


Baird Launches Small Cap Value Fund

The Fund is no-load and, like the other stock funds in the Baird fund family, it has an .85% management fee. The expense ratio is 1.1% for the institutional class and 1.25% for the investor class.


GAMCO Investors reports profit up 6.3pc y-on-y

Revenues, excluding incentive fees, rose $4.5 million. Operating income before management fee was $31.2 million, a 30.7% increase from $23.9 million in the prior year period.