Galiam Capital launches new quant fund

Galiam intends to utilize its technical models to create a portfolio of global, well diversified, multi asset class investments, while providing stable growth, which is independent of market direction and economic conditions.


Lazard Asset Management Launches Alternative Strategies 1099 Fund

Lazard Asset Management has announced the launch of the Lazard Alternative Strategies 1099 Fund, a fund of hedge funds that offers investors the ability to participate in the hedge fund asset class with a minimum investment of $25,000. In lieu of K-1s, IR


US hedge funds capitalise on Lehman collapse

It may sound impossible but one of the best financial investments of the past three years has been a collapsed bank. And not just any bank but Lehman Brothers, the world’s biggest bankruptcy.


Credit Suisse’s AM Releases Q1 2012 Alternatives Quarterly

Mr. Keitel believes that equity markets are further trending in positive direction due to improved global macroeconomic conditions, stabilizing policy measures taken in Europe, and the European Central Bank’s strong liquidity support for Eurozone ba


Legg Mason Launches Fixed Income Fund of Hedge Funds

The Fund invests in a broad range of fixed income strategies, employing flexible asset allocation and moving capital between credit and non credit strategies. Investments include developed as well as emerging market fixed income and long/short fixed incom


Conifer expands reach of cloud services in hedge fund management

Conifer iCon provides a full scope of asset servicing processes, including a data repository and in-depth attribution reporting through a fully customizable portal. All investment operations can be carried out from any location through a browser.